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Kinetiq launches new video monitoring solution

December 4, 2020

Kinetiq, a TV intelligence platform, has announced the launch of a new video monitoring solution to monitor where, when and how video content is displayed across digital platforms.

Leveraging Kinetiq’s Teletrax watermarking and fingerprinting technology, the new capability now enables content producers to monitor and measure video content across digital platforms, in addition tobroadcast, in near real time.“

This expansion of our video monitoring capabilities allows news agencies, sports networks, and other content producers to track and measure their contenton the fastest growing distribution channel in the world – digital,” said Rishit Shah, chief product and technology officer, Kinetiq. “Our clients are alreadytelling us that this new, holistic view of their video content usage and engagement across platforms is a gamechanger for their business models.”

Kinetiq’s Teletrax watermarking technology embeds an imperceptible watermark into each piece of video content and then uses the mark to identify when and where the content is published. Using a web-based reporting tool, clients can monitor usage of their content within the publisher’s video, measure engagement, and view the full video to provide context for how the content is being used. This new capability allows content producers to understand the full impact of their video content, inform editorial and production decisions, monetise content faster, and identify unlicensed distribution.

“There is great value in being able to track our content on digital platforms,” said Alexei Milgram, director of data and analytics, Reuters. “Kinetiq’s Teletrax technology has helped us better understand our commercial and editorial impact on television, and we expect this new offering will help us better identify and measure our content online.”

Kinetiq’s video monitoring for watermarked content is now available forwebsites and key social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Kinetiq plans to expand this capability to include monitoring of fingerprinted content and into streaming services in early 2021.

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