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AWS modernises MGM media supply chain

December 7, 2020

Cloud platform specialist Amazon Web Services has struck a multi-year collaboration with Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM) to reimagine its core media supply chain and enterprise-wide media distribution platform. MGM owns one of the world’s largest libraries of premium film and television content and is focused on the production, acquisition, licensing, and global distribution of its film and television content across all media platforms.

MGM is migrating its content library and critical SAP workloads to AWS to power its media supply chain as well as support its content rights and distribution processes. Running on AWS, MGM will distribute content across multiple platforms quickly and at scale.

MGM’s new cloud-based media supply chain will leverage AWS compute, serverless, storage, machine learning, and media services to modernise its infrastructure. MGM will build a data lake on AWS using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) that will provide up-to-date content rights and ownership information and connect to a microservices architecture that will simplify and automate workflows and processes throughout MGM’s complex media supply chain.

MGM and AWS are working together to innovate across MGM’s development and fulfilment processes, tackling challenges from intellectual property acquisition and development, through the delivery of professional content and servicing materials.

MGM will leverage AWS Media Services, including AWS Elemental MediaConvert, to automate the processes more fully for preparing and delivering MGM’s library of feature film and premium television content, optimising video for viewing on any screen.

“MGM has one of the world’s deepest libraries of premium film and television content, and we’re innovating in the cloud to improve how we get this extensive, rich content out to distributors around the world using scalable, microservices-based architectures,” said Doug Rousso, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of MGM. “AWS gives us the flexibility, scalability, reliability, and security to deliver premium content to customers through intelligent and automated supply chain solutions. Our new cloud-based media supply chain will give us increased visibility into owned content, the ability to better inform our sales teams, and faster processing of licensing deal that will help us deliver more content experiences to viewers and grow new revenue opportunities.”

“MGM is reinventing its media supply chain in the world’s leading cloud, leveraging AWS’s unmatched functionality and scalability to more effectively deliver its vast library of content to existing and new TV and viewer platforms,” added Greg Pearson, Vice President, Worldwide Commercial Sales at Amazon Web Services. “AWS’s proven performance and comprehensive set of cloud and professional services will help MGM succeed in its cloud transformation and create a complete, modern media supply chain for video. We look forward to expanding our work together to continue to drive innovation across this supply chain and deliver improved customer experiences to audiences around the world.”

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