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Nielsen unveils Nielsen ONE solution

December 8, 2020

Nielsen has announced  plans to launch a single, cross-media solution to drive more comparable and comprehensive metrics across platforms.  Nielsen’s transformative cross-media solution, called Nielsen ONE, aims to evolve the current metrics that underpin the video advertising ecosystem using a phased approach. The company plans to launch its single measurement solution beginning in Q4 2022 with the intention to fully transition the industry to cross-media metrics by the autumn 2024.

As audiences move seamlessly between linear, streaming and digital, advertisers are demanding a single, deduplicated view of their audiences across all platforms and mediums. Concurrently, Nielsen says publishers want to provide more ad options for buyers and improve the overall viewer experience.

“With the rapidly evolving landscape and on-going shifts in consumer behavior, it is no longer acceptable to take a siloed approach to our clients’ video plans,” said Doug Ray, CEO, Dentsu Media. “Cross-media measurement is paramount to maximize reach across platforms with the right frequency. We are encouraged by Nielsen’s commitment to a single measurement solution and unified framework that will drive comparability across TV and digital video so that our clients can better allocate dollars and maximize ROI.”

With Nielsen ONE, advertisers and publishers will be able to transact using a single metric across linear and digital that is trusted, independent and standardised across the industry.  With a single, deduplicated number, marketers will have visibility into total video consumption regardless of platform or device.  Marketers will also benefit from a better understanding of unique audiences, the ability to better understand frequency and reduce double counting, inflated metrics and advertising waste. Nielsen ONE will also underpin the company’s outcomes solutions, thus enabling the industry to optimize media plans and maximise performance across platforms.

“With Nielsen ONE, we are delivering a single, comparable metric for TV and digital that will provide video consumption across all platforms, services and devices.  For media buyers and sellers, this means better monetizing their assets and maximizing their investments,” added Karthik Rao, COO, Nielsen. “Today’s announcement marks a major milestone for Nielsen as we put our cross-media vision into motion. We’ve made significant enhancements over the last year to turbocharge the tech and data science required to make an industry wide cross-media solution a reality.”

“Cross-media measurement is a generational opportunity and one of the hardest challenges that our industry has had to solve,” said Ben Jankowski, SVP, Global Media for Mastercard.  “There are tough technology issues, but also a very real cultural shift that needs to happen that encourages broadcasters, platforms and marketers to work closely together to drive better productivity across the board.  With cross-media measurement, it’s even more important to have independent third-parties like Nielsen and auditors like the MRC to help us find one common source of truth in the sea of competing interests and navigate a very confusing landscape.”

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