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SES vs Intelsat examined

December 8, 2020

The SES vs Intelsat $1.8 billion dispute must have the lawyers on both sides rubbing their hands with glee. SES is suing Intelsat and alleging in its writ that Intelsat “betrayed its faithful contractual partner in a brazen attempt” to steal approximately $450 million.

This case, alleges SES, will hold Intelsat accountable for its “unlawful and bad faith conduct” and accuses Intelsat of “corporate desperation, greed and dishonesty”.

The SES legal documents, filed with Intelsat’s bankruptcy court, are chock full of snappy accusations and allegations such as being “stabbed in the back” by Intelsat, and that Intelsat allegedly acted “in direct contravention” of the C-Band Alliance agreement between the two satellite giants.

The agreement was drafted to divide any revenues that flowed from the restructuring of C-Band frequencies on a 50/50 basis.

SES is arguing that while the FCC’s final order awarded Intelsat up to $4.865 billion if key deadlines are met, SES would receive $3.968 billion. SES says that both parties should receive $4.416 billion.

The ‘missing’ $448.5 million is at the root of the SES claim.

Much of the SES document is redacted. These pages and paragraphs of blacked-out text specifically show the agreements made between the two so outsiders are not able to make a judgement as to who might be in the right.

A trial date is set for June next year.

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