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Report: European content 27% of all SVoD in EU

December 9, 2020

The European Audiovisual Observatory has published its latest report on Film and TV content on VoD platforms in Europe.

The report finds that European film and TV series seasons represent 32 per cent of all content found on TVoD and 27 per cent of SVoD in the EU.

Further key findings from the report include:

  • On TVoD, 22 per cent of films and TV series were of EU27 origin, 8 per cent came from the UK and 2% from other European countries.
  • On TVoD, the number of single film titles was six times bigger than the number of individual TV seasons available, and 3.4 times bigger on SVoD.
  • TVoD catalogues had a larger number of titles (film + TV content) on average than SVoD catalogues and were more focused on films.
  • There was more European content on TVoD, and at the same time more national content on TVoD than on SVoD.
  • For TVoD, the majority of content was found in catalogues of services owned by tech players (Amazon, Apple, Microsoft or Google for example) and on SVoD the majority of content was available on services owned by pure VoD and tech players.


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