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Gamgee launches refreshed app

December 10, 2020

Gamgee, an Amsterdam-based user experience high-tech company, has released a refreshed version of its now popular Gamgee app. The new app comes with many new and updated features and functionality improvements, all optimised to provide better Wi-Fi and network management experience for consumers. In furthering its goal of providing better value for consumers, the app launch also comes bundled with a new subscription model and a 1-month free trial offer. Additionally, the update brings support for router upgrades that allow consumers access to Gamgee services on third-party router boxes.

  • New features, better performance

The new Gamgee app comes preloaded with an app feature-set that Gamgee’s Product owner says will ‘‘demystify the often complex prospect of Wi-Fi management and home/office network control.’’ On users’ mobile devices, Gamgee comes preloaded with content filtering, parental control, Wi-Fi monitoring, and Wi-Fi analytics functionalities. Together these features grant Gamgee users full-fledged control of their home or office-space network situation through one-click and easy to use app buttons.
’‘It’s like a remote control for your Wi-Fi network that allows you to intuitively configure and manage otherwise hard to operate Wi-Fi network modalities,’’ says Gamgee Product owner.
Performance and quality of life upgrades have also been included in the new app update. The app now comes with a tailored ‘For You’ feature that tracks your app usage habits to provide a more streamlined and focused app layout. This mode puts the buttons/app functions you need in view and keeps everything else side-tracked.

  • Support for third-party router boxes

Gamgee was formerly exclusive to Gamgee-issued router setups, but with the new app launch comes support for third-party router boxes. To tap into the Gamgee experience, users have to upgrade their routers first. Upgrading is a straightforward one-click process through the Gamgee mobile app. Supported third-party router boxes include the TP-link Archer C7, but there are plans to roll out support for other router models in the nearest future.
To provide would-be customers with a taste of Gamgee as delivered by the new app, Gamgee is also offering a one-month free trial. Gamgee’s Product owner reiterates that the free trial comes with no commitments for consumers and is free to cancel at any time.

  • Upcoming features

The new app lays the groundwork for Gamgee’s soon to be released VPN and WFH functionalities. When released, these features will provide an additional security layer (on top of Gamgee’s proprietary secure framework) for user data, user privacy, and general online safety. With it on board, Gamgee users will enjoy throughput Wi-Fi and home network security that provides preventive, precautionary, and real-time counteractive protection.
The new app is available for download from the Apple Appstore, Google Playstore, and online on the Gamgee website.

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