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AOC Brazil launches new Smart TV powered by ZEASN

December 18, 2020

ZEASN, a provider of OTT and Smart TV solutions, has announced the arrival of its Whale OS Turnkey Solution in Brazil. By partnering with TPV Group, one of the world’s leading monitor and LCD & LED TV manufacturers, along with being a consumer electronics key player in the field of audio-visual digital entertainment, the Whale OS powered new AOC Smart TV Series 6305 (Model 50U6305) has successfully launched in Brazil recently. It is expected that other new AOC TVs (also running Whale OS) will soon be mass-produced and shipped in other South American countries.

AOC’s new Smart TV Series 6305, has a 50-inch LED panel (4K Ultra HD) and supports for HDR10+, Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. The new AOC Smart TV is based on Xmart platform, which adopts the Whale OS Turnkey solution from ZEASN and enables users to more easily access their favorite music, videos, movies, series, documentaries and more. With pre-installed localized applications, shortcut keys and other dedicated features, it can ensure even more fun for consumers in Brazil.

The Whale OS Turnkey Solution is one robust, flexible and powerful solution for viewing diverse content on a variety of entertainment smart devices. It is designed to deliver best in class and immersive digital streaming experiences. The state-of-the-art solution is pre-configured with cutting-edge content discovery and search engine which is based on ZEASN’s years of technical experience in the smart TV industry and deep cooperation with a large number of localized top Apps. It can easily provide users with intuitive and rich content recommendations.

It also supports a variety of monetization models, with maximum flexibility and simplified deployment strategy for content or service providers around the world. In addition, the solution uses industry-leading system architecture design to provide smart TV users with a wealth of setting functions, including Source, Picture, Network, Channel, Parental Controls and personalized Account options, etc.

“We are so excited to bring Whale OS to Brazil, one of the largest streaming markets in the world. Through our simple yet flexible Turnkey Solution, consumers in Brazil will enjoy a huge catalogue of compelling and diverse entertaining content on their new AOC television.” said Jason He, Chief Executive Officer of ZEASN. “As a pivotal member of the Whale OS product family, the Turnkey Solution will help our Whale Eco’s partners to build and monetize large audiences with ease, and at the same time boost the rapid growth of ZEASN’s value-added services. ”

As a revolutionary operating system for smart devices, Whale OS is the core part of ZEASN’s Whale Ecosystem. Through self-developed cloud services and tool products, ZEASN has established the Whale Ecosystem with global developers, content providers, service providers, and top tier manufacturers since 2018. Now Whale Eco works closely with many of the world’s most recognizable brands.

With nearly 10 years of experience in the Smart TV industry, right now ZEASN has provided more than 100 brands with customized and diversified digital entertainment solutions covering over 190 countries. Today more than 30 million consumers are happily using Whale Eco enabled connected smart devices every month.

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