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C-band auction adds another $2bn

January 6, 2021

By Chris Forrester

If the bids registered on January 5th are a guide, then the 57 registered telcos are easing off their enthusiasm. Only $1.96 billion was entered in the five dedicated sessions for the FCC’s Auction 107. But this still took the overall gross total to a thumping $78.468 billion.

Indeed, some outsiders are questioning as to how satisfied the satellite operators might be with their overall $10 billion in “incentive” compensations for giving up their C-band frequencies.

The auction continues. Today (January 6th) there will be another five bidding sessions wrapping at 17.00pm ET. There are then two more days of bidding in Rounds 61-70, when the auction will end.

Few doubt that the overall gross sum will now top a staggering $80 billion, which is near-double the previous highest-ever total raised by the FCC on frequency auctions.  The successful bidders will use the newly created bandwidth for 5G expansion.

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