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FAST Studios launches

January 6, 2021

In a rapidly evolving and growing OTT ecosystem, FAST Studios has launched with the mission to accelerate the next generation of TV by investing in and operating free ad-supported streaming (FAST) television channels. Led by serial media innovator Stuart McLean, FAST Studios creates, invests in and operates ad supported streaming TV channels powered by a dedicated team of programming, marketing, distribution and ad sales experts to simplify the path to success.

The FAST marketplace is putting more demands on the channel owner to take over the functions traditionally handled by networks. FAST Studios serves as a strategic partner to fulfil these demands including distribution, monetization, marketing and licensing. As a strategic investor and operator, FAST Studios supports and operates channels to advance the category and support content owners.

FAST Studios’ leadership team and board of directors have extensive experience and background in technology, brand marketing, financing and programming to prove this success model. McLean has made a career out of anticipating media industry trends and building successful businesses that help content creators and brand marketers capitalize on them. McLean invested in and co-founded the streaming workflow platform MuxIP, the software that powers FAST channels. In addition to McLean, FAST Studios’ core leadership team includes Charlie Windisch-Graetz, president of FAST Studios, and Kent Rees, as marketing and operations lead.

“The next generation of TV is shaping up quickly as the lines between OTT and linear continue to blur and the audience expectations increase regardless of platform. We are seeing gaps and obstacles for current and future channel owners who need to act like broadcasters to compete,” said Stuart McLean, CEO of FAST Studios. “FAST Studios addresses these needs by acting as a strategic investor, operator and distributor of channels, lowering the barrier to entry while delivering broadcast quality channels and infrastructure.”

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