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24i partners with Float Left

January 13, 2021

Float Left and streaming video experience specialists 24i have announced that 24i will now leverage the power of Float Left OTT technology to offer advanced applications on Roku, one of the leading connected TV devices.

Float Left has more than a decade of experience in the OTT space. They were Roku’s first development partners and are a Roku Preferred Developer today. Over the years, their native codebase has evolved immensely with the growing industry.  What started out as a simple OTT solution in 2009, has progressed into a sophisticated and flexible framework that is used for world-renown brands. Today, Float Left’s Roku framework supports high-end “Netflix-level” features such as favoriting, watch-lists, cross-platform resume, and an intuitive interface designed to keep users engaged and simplify content discovery.  In addition, the flexibility of the framework allows for seamless integration with third-parties for subscription management, advertising, video platforms, and analytics, giving VOD providers a customized solution tailored to their business model.

24i has been developing successful applications for Roku devices for several years but has decided the time is now right to integrate Float Left’s Roku framework into their Smart Apps product for enhanced efficiency and scale. The integration will enable 24i’s product team to focus on the added value they can bring to streaming services by simplifying the development of a single user experience across multiple platforms, particularly through the use of 24i’s intuitive Backstage interface for content and application management. Smart Apps and Backstage provide a turn-key video application development platform to allow content owners and broadcasters to provide consumers with an intuitive and engaging user interface for enjoying live and on demand video content. It allows for a consistent user experience across all devices, flexibility to easily expand and customize functionality.

With this new partnership, 24i and Float Left are paving the way for revolutionary OTT technology by delivering innovative Roku solutions that will continue to adapt and expand year after year.

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