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Report: Emerging tech shaping the future of comms

January 14, 2021

By Colin Mann

A report from UK comms regulator Ofcom shines a light on the innovative, emerging technologies that could shape the communications industry in the future.

Communications services and the technologies used to deliver them are constantly evolving. As the UK’s communications regulator, Ofcom says it is vital it is aware of developments in the sectors it oversees and how they may change in the coming years – particularly as it takes on new responsibilities such as regulating online harms.

Accordingly, it put out a call for people to send their thoughts on the emerging technologies that have the potential to transform communications in the future. It received contributions from companies, organisations and technology experts from across the world.

It has published a report highlighting examples of the technologies submitted – including analysis of how each technology would make a difference to people and businesses.

Innovative technologies to support the rollout of better mobile and broadband services; the role of satellite technology in connecting the hardest to reach areas; and exciting developments in the broadcast sector – such as enhanced, bespoke coverage of sporting events – all feature in the report. New immersive technologies allowing people to touch – and even smell – at a distance, are also highlighted.


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