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FCC’s C-band auction at $80.9bn

January 15, 2021

By Chris Forrester

The FCC’s Auction 107 continues to take cash from its US telco bidders.

January 13th saw six 20-minute sessions (the original structure required 30-minute sessions) and generated bids worth $78 million placed on the table, and taking the overall total to a gross $80.910 billion.

January 14th saw another six rounds of 20-minute sessions (Rounds 88-94) and generating only a further $5 million or so. The gross total, before discounts which some bidders will qualify for, stands at $80.916 billion that evening.

January 15th will see the FCC host six further 20 minutes sessions (Rounds 95-101) and the FCC has tabled further bidding rounds for next week. The auction will continue on January 19 and January 21st with six 20-minute sessions on each day taking the schedule to a total of 115 bidding sessions.

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