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Prosound Conference Systems adopts Bluefish444

January 26, 2021

Prosound Conference Systems is an AV rental and live events company based in Serbia, primarily catering to the conference and corporate events market. Prosound have been trading for over 10 years and own enough AV equipment and have the in-house technical expertise to conduct more than 10 simultaneous live events in a day. They have achieved this by not only recruiting the best specialists for the job, but also by keeping up with the latest technologies for their clients. Prosound ensures that the equipment they use is both of a high quality and flexible enough so that it can be used for a range of different workflows.

vMix is a popular software video mixer and switcher, which can be used for both local video mixing, or more commonly, for live streaming that enables publishing live productions directly to online streaming platforms and social media. Resolume is a live video mixing software package, primarily used worldwide for high quality performances from VJ-ing to AV shows and stadium concerts. Both are compatible with all Bluefish444 Epoch & KRONOS video cards.

After extensive research, Uros Vasiljevic, AV Manager for Prosound, decided to purchase Epoch | 4K Supernova S+ cards to integrate into a Xeon-based HP Z8 workstation. Uros went with the Supernova S+ video cards because they provided the flexibility of having input and output on a single card and support from SD/HD to 4K/UHD SDI. The Supernova S+ specifications meant that Prosound could deploy immediately for their current workflows knowing that the system would continue to be deployed as their workflows evolved to 4K. Importantly, Bluefish’s video card offerings were certified with vMix and Resolume software, so Prosound initially expected and later confirmed that they’d be able to use their preferred software without any integration problems.

“The thing we liked about the solutions from Bluefish is that when we were researching, their website recommended specific workstations, thunderbolt enclosures and supported software; including vMix and Resolume,” says Uros. “This signalled to us that the cards must have been actually tested with this equipment and software, so that eliminated a lot of the background research for us.”

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