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Study: EU content gets 31% of all promotion on TVoDs

January 26, 2021

The European Audiovisual Observatory has updated its annual report on the prominence of European films and programmes on transactional VoD (TVoD). This new analysis of the prominence of films and TV series covers 57 leading TVoD services from 7 European countries.

Key findings from this report:

The top 10 promoted films capture about 40 per cent of all promotion

The report confirms that TVoD, in line with its business model, promotes a limited amount of content, primarily recent films.

Most films promoted are theatrical films, released in the TVoD service’s country. They are complemented by direct to video films.

The top 10 promoted European films capture around 6 per cent of all promotion activities for European films

The report also highlights that, as far as European works are concerned, there is no significant gap between the share of European works in the TVoD services’ catalogues and their share of promotion. But their promotion is even more concentrated around a limited number of titles.

On average, a TVoD service advertises 1 to 2 per cent of its catalogue on its home page; moreover, the top 10 promoted films capture about 40 per cent of all promotion.

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