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Survey: Strong business support for Tokyo Olympics

January 29, 2021

By Chris Forrester

A survey of Japanese businesses, by public broadcaster NHK, found that 60 per cent of 100 major companies were firmly in favour of the Olympics Games going ahead this summer, in direct contrast to the generally negative opinions of the public.

However, the 60 per cent is somewhat divided. While 13 of the businesses stated that the Games should go ahead in full and largely as planned, a larger proportion felt that the events should be on a much reduced scale. Companies say holding the Olympics would help the economy recover, and would be beneficial for the athletes’ careers even if there were no in-person spectators, NHK reported.

Just three companies said the Games should be cancelled and 36 businesses did not give a definitive answer although in general saying the Covid-19 situation was the first priority and that the virus should be carefully monitored prior to making any firm decision.

The current situation is that, despite the current State of Emergency in place, the Games will go ahead from July 23rd to August 8th. The Tokyo organisers say that all 68 domestic financial supporters had extended their contracts from last year to the 2021 event.

Meanwhile, earlier this week the US state of Florida offered to provide an alternate venue for the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games. The proposal was immediately rejected by the Japanese organisers.

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