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Virtual production studio Final Pixel launches

February 1, 2021

Former BBC Studios and Endemol Shine executive – Michael McKenna, launches Final Pixel, a global creative studio, specialising in Virtual Production, whose ambition is to partner with film, TV, and commercials producers to unlock the benefits of filming with LED walls and game engine technology.

With interest from across the globe and work already secured with multiple US Networks, Final Pixel has devised a pipeline which means producers no longer need a Hollywood budget to achieve realistic results and are broadening out the adoption of virtual production across the industry.

Final Pixel, CEO Michael McKenna, says: “Imagine a world where creativity has no limits, where you can travel the globe without leaving the studio! Say goodbye to green screen and create your own reality with Final Pixel. Our work is all about reality, veracity, and credibility. We construct filmic illusions that are so convincing, audiences will think they are real. We can now create stunning results for a whole range of content, from network promotions to factual documentaries.”

With a background in high-end TV, advertising and branded content creation and a wealth of production experience in both the US and UK markets (including promos and shows for BBC, Netflix, ABC, NBC, National Geographic, and Hulu), Final Pixel’s mission is to highlight the full capabilities of virtual production and the benefits of incorporating it effectively in a range of productions. From solving real world production challenges, particularly those posed by the current COVID-19 travel and film-making restrictions, to pushing creative boundaries to new limits.

Partnering with Michael McKenna are Executive Producer, Monica Hinden and Creative Director, Christopher McKenna who are based in New York and Los Angeles, respectively.

Monica and Chris are behind the success of ‘Wee Beastie’, a US entertainment marketing agency which counts all the major US networks as its clients.

Monica Hinden, says: “Final Pixel’s approach is first and foremost from the producer’s view- point, we talk their language and realise the true potential of this convergence of production and technology. The benefits are significant, and it feels like an extremely exciting time in the industry, reminiscent of the early days of film.”

Christopher McKenna says: “Our greatest joy is being able to tell a client that their crazy creative idea is totally possible. We can put their talent in any environment they can imagine – and create a convincing scene right in front of their eyes – no green screen needed. We are not a VFX house, although we have created hundreds of VFX-based commercials. We are a creative studio led by filmmakers dedicated to client services. We can write produce and direct and shoot.”

Final Pixel will provide creative consulting to shape ideas and respond to specific requirements, managing as much or as little of the production process as required – including provision of LED Walls, virtual production technology, crews, tech experts and suppliers.

Final Pixel is equipped with a talented virtual art department, including Oscar winning and Archviz specialist VFX artists. The team can create photoreal environments to film actors in, that are optimised to run for virtual production. The nature of this process means Final Pixel can activate more pre-visualisation through pre-production, which helps refine and plan for production filming days to be as efficient and effective as possible.

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