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BT, EE unveil convergent BT Halo 3+

February 3, 2021

Describing it as the latest innovation in its customer premises equipment story, which redefines home broadband reliability, UK multiplay telco BT has unveiled BT Halo 3+, saying it offers the UK’s only unbreakable wi-fi connection for the home backed up by the EE mobile network.

According to BT, the requirement for a reliable home broadband connection has never been greater. In the last 12 months, BT’s consumer broadband network has seen an increase of over 60 per cent in download traffic, as people turn to their broadband for home working, home schooling and entertainment – often at the same time. Independent research shows that 76 per cent of UK consumers now value broadband reliability over speed and extra features.

With the new BT Halo 3+ package, BT says customers will be able to experience the best of both broadband and mobile reliability in what it claims is the first true example of convergence with the introduction of a UK first – the Hybrid Connect home device.

BT’s new Hybrid Connect device works with the Smart Hub 2 to connect automatically to the EE mobile network for back up if required. Hybrid Connect also works with BT Complete Wi-Fi, so whether connected to broadband or the EE network, customers will continue to receive a signal in those hard-to-reach places in the home. When the broadband connection is restored, it will automatically defer back to the fixed connection, minimising any interruption to Internet use.

“With BT Halo 3+, we’re launching an innovative new category of home broadband that’s truly a first of its kind in the UK,” declared Christian Thrane, Managing Director of Marketing BT Consumer. “We are combining the best fibre home broadband and wi-fi technology, backed up with our award-winning EE mobile network to become the only UK provider that offers customers an unbreakable wi-fi connection in the home.

“BT Halo 3+ offers a super reliable service with the best connectivity for all corners of the home, giving the whole family peace of mind they can work, homeschool or keep in touch with friends and family without interruptions.”
BT Halo 3+ will be available nationwide from February 5th, to new customers from £65.99 per month. Existing BT customers will receive the best deals on BT Halo 3+ and can contact BT to discuss their options.

“This latest move throws down the gauntlet to rivals,” says Paolo Pescatore, TMT analyst at PP Foresight, suggesting that the eagerly-anticipated hybrid box was timely. “All users are demanding robust, reliable connections throughout the home,” he notes. “However, making users aware of the vast merits of Halo still represents a monumental challenge,” he advises.

According to Pescatore, the lack of 5G is noticeable for a premium service that relies on offering the best connectivity. “When available, it will further strengthen the converged offering,” he adds.

“It feels like BT is slowly moving towards one brand which will reduce costs, avoid consumer confusion and cannibalisation of revenue,” he concludes.


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