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Wiztivi’s cloud gaming product available on mobile devices

February 4, 2021

In partnership with SFR and for the launch of the operator’s 5G offer, Wiztivi has introduced a new mobile compatible version of Streamava, its white label and off-the-shelf cloud gaming product.

Streamava is developed by Wiztivi Gaming, the pioneer of on-demand gaming service, active on the market for more than 15 years. SFR has been using this white label cloud gaming product for its subscribers since 2010, allowing end users to stream games directly from remote servers to their television via their set-top box. Thanks to strong partnerships with some of the major publishers around the world, Streamava offers a catalog of more than 300 games.

Since the end of 2020, Streamava is available on mobile, both for Android and iOS devices. Making this possible was a common achievement from all Wiztivi’s teams:

  • Wiztivi’s integrated Studio has conceived and designed a fully tailored User Interface, offering to SFR’s customers the best user experience,
  • Wiztivi Gaming, the Finnish cloud gaming branch of the company, took care of the platform management and the technical adaptations to provide subscribers with a perfectly optimized playing experience.

As a result, players can now benefit from their own gaming universe, with a welcome home page that displays the user’s personalised content, their favourite games and the highlights of the week.

Depending on the title, three game modes are possible:

  • Touch screen, supporting the touchable interface,
  • On-screen virtual gamepad, displaying the control buttons as an overlay on the streamed game.
  • Physical gamepad, connected to the phone via bluetooth or charging port, to have the best gaming experience for all the games in the catalog.

Streamava also allows players to start a game on television and continue it on mobile.

Ari Bensimon, CEO at Wiztivi, declared: “The availability of Streamava on mobile devices is a major achievement of the Wiztivi teams. With the technical platform, the UI design, the game catalog and this new Android and iOS compatibility, we are able to offer our customers a complete cloud gaming product among the most advanced on the market.”

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