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China’s Skyworth apologises to LG

February 10, 2021

Chinese electronics and TV giant Skyworth has apologised to South Korean LG Electronics for the – seemingly – deliberate misuse of LG’s world-beating ‘rollable’ OLED TV screens.

LG complained over Skyworth’s US subsidiary (Skyworth USA Corp) misuse and Skyworth, in its statement, acknowledged its unauthorised use of the LG images during last month’s CES virtual show.

The misapplication was blatant. The Skyworth CES event simply showed the exact same image used by LG other than to remove the on-screen images.

“Skyworth USA Corp misused an LG Rollable OLED TV image in the Skyworth TV CES 2021 livestreaming presentation and mistakenly introduced it as part of our ‘Innovative Skyworth OLED Products,'” Skyworth said in the statement. “Skyworth TV acknowledges this improper use of the LG Rollable OLED TV image and wishes to reiterate that we respect all intellectual property rights. We have taken a series of proactive steps to resolve this with LG Electronics as a matter of urgency and ensure that any similar instances will not occur in the future.”

LG Display is the only TV manufacturer to commercialise a rollable TV screen. It is fully patent protected although Samsung has also worked in this area.

It is not yet known who allowed the LG image to be used but in the past there has been a technology relationship between LG and Skyworth. At CES Skyworth said it was using OLED panels from LG.

Separately, LG announced it will expand its OLED production lines in Vietnam. The expansion will cost $750 million and will fund development of TV screen panels as well as panels for cellular phones.

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