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Spain: Movistar, Vodafone ‘abusive’ price rises

February 16, 2021

From David Del Valle in Madrid

The Consumers Association Facua has reported to the Ministry of Consumption and the Regional Governments the alleged “abusive practices” made by Movistar and Vodafone for raising their subscription fees “without justification”, consequently breaking the law.

Since January 12th, Movistar raised its Movistar Fusión price by €2-€3 for its optic fibre TV packages and between €7-€8 for those packages including satellite TV.

Vodafone has increased the price for Mini, Extra Ilimitada, Ilimitada Inicial and Ilimitada Extra by €3 including optic fibre, and by €1.50 including an additional mobile line.

The Consumers Association argues that the price increase has been made without “valid reasons” and that it is attacking consumers’ rights, so it has asked the Administration to step in and impose fines on the operators.

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