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Salto choses Nomalab

February 17, 2021

French SV0D service Salto a joint venture between France Télévisions, M6 and TF1, has chosen the Nomalab platform. Salto launched recently, with over 10,000 hours of content.

In just a few weeks prior to its launch, Salto had to provision thousands of hours of content, acquired from a wide variety of French and international content owners. Following launch, the renewal of its abundant offering requires the continuous provision of large quantities of films and series.

To ensure simple and straight-foward deliveries, Salto wanted to put as few technical constraints as possible on content providers.

The Nomalab platform and services allow Salto and its team :

● to receive programmes with subtitles, in any format;

● to play and assess incoming content immediately upon delivery;

● to easily identify subtitles requiring fixing;

● to trigger the generation and delivery of mezzanine files to their streaming service provider Bedrock;

● to select and create extracts for marketing and promotion;

● to interoperate seamlessly with their traffic and rights management systems.

All of the above …

● in the Nomalab web UI, using nothing else than a browser, on site as well as working remotely;

● always complying with the Bedrock specification for mezzanine files;

● whatever the deadlines with volumes in the hundreds of titles per day;

● without any hardware or software investment;

● without any useless file movements or file waste;

● always accompanied by Nomalab’s ‘Ops’ team for the supervision of all jobs.

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