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Fourth season of 3D Sparrow’s Booba in production

February 18, 2021

UK Studio 3D Sparrow starts production of the fourth season of its popular non-dialogue animation Booba. This follows the successful launch of Booba season three, through a string of international broadcast deals, from Turkey and Chile to Latin America, Croatia and Poland as well as airing worldwide on Netflix.

Additionally, 3D Sparrow announces a new 7’ series format of compilations which will also be available in Q3 2021. The 7 minutes series will be based on Booba and his friend discovering different worlds and facing exciting adventures.

Booba is a non-dialogue family show created by 3D Sparrow that features the adventures of a joyful, funny and curious little hobgoblin called Booba, who often finds himself in ridiculous, but entertaining situations. Since the show was launched in 2016, it has become one of the most watched children’s entertainment shows on streaming platforms, achieving more than 9.5 billion views to date across Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and others, as well as airing with broadcasters around the world.

Sandra Lanc, head of content distribution, 3D Sparrow, says: “Booba was always intended for an international audience; as a non-dialogue animation our loveable hobgoblin’s antics need no translation to guarantee a laugh. We’re thrilled to be kicking off production for its fourth series, and to announce the production of the 7’ episodes which will be available in Q2 of this year. This allows us to offer even more access to Booba’s crazy adventures to broadcasters around the world.”

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