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World Parkour Championships on Recast

February 18, 2021

The World Parkour Championships (WPC) has signed a content deal with sports video platform Recast.

The WPC is Parkour’s showpiece series, with events attracting millions of viewers around the world who to date could only catch up with action on YouTube and other video sharing sites. The partnership with UK-based Recast ­- a video platform which allows rights’ holders to go direct-to-consumer and connects fans to their content via a subscription-free app –  will give fans of the sport a new platform where they can watch exclusive clips, highlights and interviews all in one place.

Selim Kemahli, Race Marketing & Management (RMM) Managing Director, said: “This partnership is a major step for the WPC and Parkour as we work to broaden its appeal and allow bigger audiences to enjoy this fantastic sport. It makes me and the team at RMM extremely proud to give WPC coverage a home and a platform to share its content through a genuinely innovative, user friendly and commercially advantageous platform that will benefit the sport, its athletes and its fans. We cannot wait to work closely with the team at Recast to grow Parkour and the WPC, and take it to an even bigger global audience.”

Andy Meikle, founder and CEO of Recast, added: “With millions of fans following Parkour and the WPC around the world, this is undoubtedly an exciting partnership. Giving sports such as Parkour the airtime they deserve and a solution which works for the fan, the athlete and the sport by monetising content effectively, is precisely why we created Recast. RMM is a forward-thinking rights holder with a vision for the future of the WPC and Parkour and we are delighted to be working in partnership to help them realise it.”

WPC content will be available on Recast immediately, including short clips and weekly videos, increasing to full live streams and shorts once the WPC tour resumes following the easing of lockdown restrictions. Long-form highlights packages also feature, as well as short, snackable clips of events.

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