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China to build 500 satellites per year

February 22, 2021

By Chris Forrester

Chinese vehicle manufacturing giant Geely Technology Group (and its satellite production division Taizhou Xingkong Zhilian) have been given formal approval to build more than 500 satellites annually.

The new enterprise, located in coastal Taizhou, eastern Zhejiang province, will carry out research and development, manufacture core components, test, operate and control satellites, said the company.

Equipment is reportedly arriving and production scheduled to start in October.

The news is important in that this is the first ‘mass manufacturing’ facility for satellites in China and will bring together Geely’s industrialised output with the high-tech aerospace demands of satellite production.

It is not yet know what the target uses are for the new satellites, or whether they are likely to be Low Earth orbiting craft or larger.

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