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NPAW launches its Users product in version 6

March 1, 2021

NPAW, the global player in video intelligence, has announced the release of its “Users” product in version 6.12.0. The solution has been built to meet today’s video service business demands, especially OTT platforms and telco operators in need of delivering flawless, cutting-edge video experiences to keep users happy and accelerate growth.

In the rapidly evolving video streaming industry, businesses providing content to users are faced with a big challenge: the rapidly increasing competition. Consumers have limited free time and have to shuffle between various platforms to find what they like. Therefore, streaming platforms need to understand: What events have impacted retention or churn? With which users should they be engaging with; when and how?

“Users” gives video providers an overview of their end-users’ streaming experience in real-time, translating it into easy-to-read dashboards focused on retention, engagement, growth and churn, with new opportunities to pull in demographic and subscription data, to segment churn-risk groups, and even tie in playback information for a full comprehensive picture. For instance, large groups of users tend to unsubscribe from streaming services after watching a key event or season. By having access to their customers’ subscriber data, and what they watched, marketing and business teams can launch specific campaigns to re-engage those users, suggesting a similar series, for example, or letting them know the next season is about to drop.

The updated “Users” product release further strengthens NPAW’s position in the market as a leading holistic business intelligence tool that delivers a return on investment for various company groups. As our VP of Product Solutions, Marc Maycas has stated:

“It is widely known that acquiring a new user is more expensive than retaining an existing one; this is why our mission with “Users” has been to further enhance the product with more granular information to help our clients gain better insights on every user profile and take actions that will maintain and drive incremental revenue.”

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