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MadHive launches audience forecaster tool

March 3, 2021

Enterprise software platform MadHive is launching an Audience Forecaster tool to address industry-wide problems such as frequency control and transparency for OTT, CTV. The feature set integrates into MadHive’s full stack offering that currently powers local reach extensions efforts for broadcast networks such as FOX, Scripps and TEGNA.

“The concept of delivery guarantees is a longstanding tradition in the world of linear, but delivery can be difficult to predict in the programmatic landscape,” notes Adam Helfgott, CEO at MadHive. “Developing an accurate forecasting methodology involves building a robust technical infrastructure capable of ingesting, organising, and optimising billions of signals. I’m proud of the hard problems we’ve solved under the hood that allows us to provide superior solutions for our customers.”

MadHive says its position as a full stack solution gives the company access to data from more than 300 billion monthly avails, allowing the Audience Forecaster to provide AI-driven recommendations and customisable control settings to offer an accurate prediction of campaign delivery. Additionally, the solution provides real-time data against a variety of parameters including:

  • Geography: DMA, zip code, political districts, etc.;
  • Demographic: age group, household income, education, etc.;
  • Behavioural: purchase intenders, interest groups, etc.;
  • Campaign Constraints: Frequency across providers, max goals per provider, etc..

“Fully-adopted third-party OTT and CTV measurement does not exist today,” added Helfgott. “Since every OTT device has return path data, third-party measurement companies have had a difficult time convincing digital-savvy buyers that their methodology of measuring is accurately representative of all slices of audiences.”

According to MadHive, its feature-set offers the best of both digital audiences and linear forecasting accuracy, including digital-style insights that ensure campaign planning is more informed and targeted. This paired with MadHive’s access to premium publishers, enables the company to understand underlying supply levels.


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