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Eventive selects NAGRA solutions

March 12, 2021

NAGRA, a Kudelski Group company and independent provider of content protection and multiscreen television solutions, has announced that its forensic watermarking and multi-DRM solutions have been selected by US-based Eventive, a platform in virtual cinema to protect content on its virtual screening platform.

The pandemic has kept audiences from gathering in-person, forcing festivals and live events to deliver content through online channels. As a result of this digital shift, a major surge in online piracy has been observed since the outbreak of the pandemic, with an increase in traffic to illicit sites which in some cases have managed to dupe consumers into paying for a subscription to pirated content. With NAGRA’s enhanced security solutions, Eventive can securely adapt to this new environment by enabling film festivals, distributors, and live event organisers to provide their content online to industry players and viewers while ensuring copyrighted materials are protected from content leaks and theft.

“NAGRA offers the most secure content protection technology available for content streaming, making their solutions the obvious choice to protect our films and ensure an unmatched online experience for audiences and organisers alike,” said Eventive Cofounder, Iddo Patt. “Together we’re setting a new standard for virtual screening platforms by giving content owners and event organisers the confidence and the peace of mind that their most valuable assets are protected against piracy.”

“Our work with Eventive is just one of many examples of what is possible when you combine Nagra’s watermarking and multi-DRM solutions to protect the revenue and integrity of streaming services against piracy,” said Jean-Philippe Plantevin, VP Anti-Piracy at NAGRA. “We applaud Eventive for watermarking all of its film content, including premium titles as well as content from smaller independent filmmakers, to ensure that creativity can be protected from both content and service piracy.”

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