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Hackney gets Virgin Gig1 broadband

March 16, 2021

Virgin Media has connected 3,500 additional homes in Hackney, London, to its broadband network, bringing next-generation gigabit speeds to the area.

As part of its ‘Project Lightning’ network expansion programme, Virgin Media is expanding its broadband network across the UK, bringing ultrafast speeds to residents and small businesses.

Hackney is the latest area to benefit and is able to access Virgin Media’s gigabit broadband service – Gig1 – from day one. Gig1 is able to provide homes with average top speeds of 1,140Mbps.

The company is in the process of rolling out Gig1 across to its entire network of 15 million homes by the end of 2021. Moving forward, all new areas that are connected to Virgin Media’s network as part of its expansion programme will be able to access its gigabit speeds providing that they’re in an area already served by Gig1.

Virgin Media says its hyperfast broadband speeds are 17 times faster than the local average, and can enable users to download in HD the entire 4th season of The Crown (10GB) in 1 minutes and 15 seconds.

Richard Vivian, Regional Director for London at Virgin Media, said: “Project Lightning has enabled us to bring ultrafast broadband and brilliant TV to millions more people and we are pleased to say that this now includes 3,500 additional homes in Hackney. Hackney residents can now access gigabit broadband that is 17 times faster than the average local connection, allowing them to spend more time online doing what they love, without worrying that their broadband cannot keep up.”

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