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Amobee, InfoSum identity solutions partnership

March 17, 2021

Advertising technology specialist Amobee is teaming up with identity infrastructure provider InfoSumto bring alternative, privacy-compliant identity solutions to advertiser and broadcaster clients around the world.

The partnership will allow both Amobee and InfoSum jointly to offer their respective clients access to leading identity and media buying solutions through InfoSum’s powerful decentralised customer data ecosystem, and Amobee’s cross-screen, programmatic and broadcaster-centric advertising platform.

“While most competitors are focused on the replacement of third party cookies through alternative identity solutions, Amobee is differentiating itself by also betting on ecosystems not reliant on these forms of cookieless identifiers,” comments Maria Flores-Portillo, General Manager of EMEA for Amobee. “We believe the decentralisation of data will play a key role in the future of identity, with Amobee and InfoSum together empowering advertisers to understand and reach their audiences in environments where traditional identity markers are no longer scalable.”

With future-proofed identity solutions at the core of both company’s roadmaps, Amobee aims to centralise data across paid and owned properties with purpose-built tools to discover, plan, activate, optimise and measure tailored for the addressable ecosystem, including planning and measurement solutions that span both opt-in and opt-out environments, such as Google and Safari. InfoSum sas its ability to offer advertisers advanced audience analysis, segmentation and measurement between decentralised data sets from premium media publishers marks a strategic, complementary offering for brands, agencies and broadcasters.

“The media industry is going through a shift in the way advertisers and media owners collaborate to deliver better data-driven customer experiences, but through this new partnership with Amobee, companies can access a future-proofed approach to identity,” says Richard Foster, Chief Revenue Officer at InfoSum. “As identity becomes increasingly disparate, an agnostic approach to identity is needed to engage consumers wherever they are, across whatever content they are consuming. By using InfoSum’s decentralised identity infrastructure and Amobee’s converged media platform, brands and media owners are empowered to deliver high-performing marketing campaigns that prioritise the privacy of their customers, and the security of their data.”


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