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Amino Android TV momentum in North America

March 18, 2021

Amino, the global media and entertainment technology solutions provider, is making next-generation TV a reality through enabling operators to deliver integrated live TV, VoD, and OTT platforms that revolutionize the viewing experience and open up business growth potential. AW Broadband, Conway, Hay Communications and Home Telecom, are among the 14 operators that have leveraged Amino’s solution portfolio to launch services on the Android TV Operator Tier (ATOT) since January 2020.

Android TV enables operators to deliver video services that provide richer experiences and appeal to diverse consumer audiences by integrating streaming apps and providing a next-generation UI. Pay TV operators benefit from Amino’s expertise in making sure the solution is integrated with operator-defined technologies and certified by Google. Amino combines the AminoOS-powered Amigo 7X with Amino Engage to deliver and manage all the Android TV features operators need to succeed in today’s market. Amino’s experience helps operators to quickly launch modern TV experiences allowing subscribers to benefit from the Google Play Store apps, including YouTube, while keeping the consumers within the operator branded ATOT environment. Channels and apps are accessed via HDMI-1, simplifying access and removing the need for further TV inputs, cords, or devices.

“TV consumption is changing. Consumers are looking for easy access to content, wherever it is, and intuitive UIs that are simple to navigate,” says Donald McGarva, Amino Group CEO. “At the same time, operators want a flexible, cost-effective route to modernizing their services with OTT content, while managing the consumer experience. We’re pleased that Amino has been enabling North American operators to stay at the cutting-edge of the TV revolution through launching Android TV Operator Tier services and we look forward to driving this transformation forward with more new customers throughout 2021.”

“The Android TV ecosystem is a true game-changer that defines the future of viewing experiences,” says Kevin Gingerich, Plant Manager at Hay Communications. “Amino has made launching Android TV services quick and seamless and has enabled us to take the next step in our business transformation journey. We’re excited to offer next-generation, converged linear and OTT experiences to our audiences and drive the TV revolution forward.”

“A crucial element of our transition from legacy video to IPTV is to make sure tha

existing subscribers who may have little or no experience with streaming services are still able to adopt our new platform successfully,” says Jason Hansen, Chief Technology Officer at Conway. “The Amigo 7X gives us that capability by providing a refreshed Conway Corp branded UI, traditional grid guide and standard remote all while still providing an alluring product for those cable-never audiences. ”

Amino’s experience and ecosystem partnerships make it the ideal partner to manage the certification of a device platform that incorporates the necessary delivery protocols, players, tuners, and more.

“Launching Android TV services has opened up a new level of possibility for some of our more traditional customers,” says Caoimhe Zett, Customer Marketing Supervisor, Home Telecom. “Amino has supported us throughout the entire life cycle, from building mission-critical Android TV capabilities to going through the certification process and becoming market-ready in record time.”

Matthew Carpenter, Co-owner and President of AW Broadband comments: “Amino’s Android TV solutions enable us to deliver the exciting TV services our customers expect.”

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