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DVEO announces Channels In a Box product

March 19, 2021

DVEO, a TV/OTT equipment supplier, has announced their new multichannel playout system ‘Channels In a Box’, which supports up to 12 HDSDI or IP in and ASI out. “This product has been recognised in the broadcasting industry by TV Technology. We are proud to be a recipient of TV Technology’s Product Innovation Award for 2020,” stated Laszlo Zoltan, CEO at DVEO.

‘Channels In a Box’ is designed for broadcasters and cable operators who wish to manage and monetize many channels simultaneously. This product plays live and stored content managed by a sophisticated scheduler, and splices ad clips and overlays graphics, logos, or crawls anywhere on each channel with any degree of transparency. The device incorporates a full PSIP Multiplexer that enables correct channel layout on all TV’s. It also has a built-in EPG generator that updates all TV sets of the channels available and information about the TV programs. “DVEO created this multichannel management system to be truly full featured with a PSIP Multiplexer, which provides a ready to use format for the stations to feed into the Transmitter. Furthermore, it all comes in one box and at an affordable price,” stated Laszlo Zoltan, CEO at DVEO.

“When you are out shopping for a live playout system, you want to find one that is affordable, but can also do everything, you need it to do, easily. The ‘Channels In a Box’ is a real winner. I know, because as a LPTV station owner of the TV distribution company TV Master, ‘Channels In a Box’ does everything we ask. From our single channel LPTV, all the way up to multi station operators with hundreds of video sources, the ‘Channels In a Box’ is the best live playout system we’ve ever used. But the absolute best part is having a support team available 24×7,” stated Brian L Short, CCO at TV 25.

This integrated playout system will lower the cost of operation of any TV station. It stores and serves the content on a prescribed schedule including commercials, public announcements, and other clips. The system also plays live syndicated content and advertisements, which are important revenue generators for any TV station. Furthermore, the playout system also includes an Emergency Alert and Channel ID, which are required tasks for any broadcast facility or cable head end. In addition to all its great components, it also supports the following standards: SCTE 104, SCTE 35, EAS, ATSC and PSIP.

There are several ways to overlay graphics on this playout system. For example, the graphics can be overlayed on incoming HD-SDI or IP video streams. The machine also splices ads via usual triggering techniques. Video triggering can be initiated by GPIO, DTMF or SCTE 104, and SCTE 35 markers. ‘Channels In a Box’ also offers great features for displaying the graphics. Graphical elements can be inventoried “on the onboard” hard drives. Ads or public announcement libraries can be curated for quick use under dynamic real-world events. Graphical elements such as fancy fonts, boxes, borders background colors, and identifiers can also be used to enhance the video content.

“This sophisticated scheduler can be used to further improve the functionality of an existing TV station or help start up a new TV station without having to spend a ton of money,” said Laszlo Zoltan, CEO, DVEO. “In recent years, this would have been more costly and would have required more people to manage it. We are happy to provide this multichannel playout system that will enable anyone the ability to deliver quality content at a reasonable price. Now more than ever, people need more content. We all need some inspiration in a time like this… During this pandemic people have lots of time to spare, so this is the best time to take a chance on something new that could revolutionize the broadcasting industry,” stated Laszlo Zoltan, CEO at DVEO.

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