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Dalet Flex adds Thesaurus and Improved Search

March 31, 2021

Dalet, a technology and service provider for media-rich organizations, has announced key updates to its Dalet Flex media logistics solution, including support for Alibaba Cloud as well as a new thesaurus and enhanced search capabilities that make it even easier to manage and locate content.

Dalet Flex’s comprehensive media logistics capabilities have enabled content producers and distributors to scale content supply chains, keeping pace with a global content consumption appetite that has doubled over the past year. Its cloud-native architecture supports hybrid and full cloud workflows allowing companies to quickly adapt to a distributed workforce during global rolling shutdowns. Dalet Flex’s quarterly updates range from significant workflow enhancements to administrative fine tuning, always keeping customers up to date with the latest advances in media logistics workflows.The update features:

  • Support for Alibaba Cloud brings China’s biggest cloud provider to the list of natively supported cloud options, which include AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. The poly-cloud SaaS approach gives customers immense scalability and flexibility with the granular control required to manage complex SLAs and media logistics workflows.
  • Dalet Flex thesaurus puts structure around content so assets are both named and indexed correctly. The controlled vocabulary offers consistency to asset naming and indexing, simplifying the cataloging of content for users while Dalet Flex’s permissions management allows only selected users to enrich a tag collection, keeping metadata orderly. Complimenting the Thesaurus are numerous enhancements to Dalet Flex search capabilities. New wildcard search support lets users set up targeted search terms for a wide or very specific set of results.
  • The new “markers groups” allow users to carry out a single search with a collection of related terms. This is ideal for locating content that may violate compliance guidelines or content shot in specific locations with certain actors.
  • Continued improvements to the FlexMAM application, including additional administration tasks that allow non-administrators to set up access levels and define default application settings, optimizing productivity.

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