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ZEASN teams with SpotX and Nowtilus

April 20, 2021

ZEASN, a provider of OTT and Smart TV solutions, has announced a partnership with SpotX and Nowtilus. By working together, SpotX, the global video advertising platform will serve as ZEASN’s end-to-end ad tech provider facilitating advanced inventory management and access to OTT inventory through its Total Connect+ solution, and Nowtilus, a pioneer in AI-driven video personalization services and provider of the open ad insertion platform will work as server-side ad insertion (SSAI) provider, to jointly power the content monetization of ZEASN’s free live streaming platform WhaleLive.

Kick-off within this new partnership is centered around providing dynamic ad insertion and a personalized viewer experience for newly launched channels within ZEASN’s free streaming channels hub WhaleLive on Philips TV devices. The English and German speaking territories in Europe will serve as the starting point, with many more countries to follow. Meanwhile the collaboration with SpotX opens up new opportunities for media buyers to place their ad campaigns around WhaleLive’s premium inventory on Philips Smart TVs. With best-in-class technology purpose-built for video, SpotX’s holistic, brand-safe solution is employed by some of the largest media owners and publishers in the world right now.

With their essential product Whale OS – a revolutionary operating system for smart devices, ZEASN has been the partner of choice for Philips CTV devices since 2016. Until now, they have provided more than 100 brands with customized and diversified digital entertainment solutions covering over 100 countries/regions. Nowtilus’ brings additional value to the table due to significantly enhanced monetization possibilities with targeted advertising enabled by server-side ad insertion. That pushes the feature set within the Connected TV ecosystem to new boundaries, as the spectrum of advertising possibilities is widely opened to new players. With Addressable TV, even very sophisticated targeting of viewer preferences can be realized. Furthermore, the capabilities of server-side ad insertion (SSAI) now allow WhaleLive to provide the seamless viewing experience that users already know from watching classic linear Broadcast TV.

“For us, teaming up with ZEASN was a great opportunity to extend the footprint to high class TV devices and to harness the full potential of ad personalization to huge user groups” says Patrick Knippel, Managing Director Nowtilus.

“Consumption of streaming services on CTVs has grown rapidly at the moment, and is the same as CTV programmatic advertising.” said Winson Chen, Chief Operating Officer of ZEASN. “We are absolutely excited to work with Nowtilus and SpotX, having and SpotX’s solution both successfully integrated in WhaleLive, we can present smart TV users with full entertaining offering and drive greater engagement. The joint solution definitely can help us efficiently maximize our platform’s advertising capabilities.”

“In the past year, over-the-top (OTT) TV viewing has grown exponentially with audiences migrating towards this flexible and personalised format,” explains Sam Wilson, VP Platform, SpotX EMEA. “ZEASN is at the forefront of this shift, providing advertisers with new opportunities to buy premium content in an environment loved by audiences. SpotX is delighted to work in partnership with ZEASN and Nowtilus to provide the technology to help power this solution across Philips TVs.”

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