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Mediation ordered in Intelsat bankruptcy disputes

April 23, 2021

By Chris Forrester

Intelsat’s bankruptcy judge, Keith Phillips, has ordered that the varies parties objecting to one or other of Intelsat’s proposed exit plan from bankruptcy must meet before a Mediation judge to try and resolve their objections. The mediation, however, is non-binding.

The ruling was made on April 21st and the court appointed Judge Frank J. Santoro as the mediator. He is “authorised to mediate any Plan and confirmation related issues among and between the Mediation Parties”.

The mediation discussions will be held via video link, but must remain confidential. The bankruptcy court ordered that Immediately upon the conclusion of the mediation the Mediator shall file a report with the Court setting forth the results of the mediation, including: (a) that the Mediator has conducted the mediation, (b) the names of the participants in the mediation, and (c) whether and to what extent the mediation was successful.

The court also ordered that Intelsat’s exclusive period to file a Chapter 11 exit plan is extended to August 13th.

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