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SES vs Intelsat C-band trial delayed

May 4, 2021

By Chris Forrester

The Court handling Intelsat’s Chapter 11 bankruptcy reconstruction has agreed to delay the trial between SES and Intelsat and the SES claim over how the FCC’s C-band incentive payments are apportioned.

SES is claiming that it is entitled to a greater share of the FCC payment and in addition is alleging that Intelsat is deliberately withholding documents in regard to its billion-dollar claim.

On April 21st the Court ruled that the parties must hold a mediation exercise to attempt to find some common ground.

The mediation is slowing down a previously agreed timetable, and the Court has now agreed to a new series of schedules which more or less postpones everything by 4-5 weeks.

The Disclosure Statement hearing which was set for April 14th is now set for May 27th. Then other key dates slip commensurately (All Parties Complete Document Production, was April 30th, now June 7th). The final date prior to the actual trial is set for July 9 but as yet the Court has not set the precise date for the trial but a mid-July date is likely.

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