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Slovak Telekom selects Intelsat for transponder expansion

May 6, 2021

Intelsat has announced a deal with Slovak Telekom that it says will change the landscape of its services, including DTH, in the Central and Eastern European (CEE) region.

Finalised last week, the deal will provide Slovak with three new transponders for extra capacity, so the company can bring more content to its customers.

“This collaboration exemplifies how satellite can be used to provide flexible growth options at a pace with which no other technology can compete,” said Intelsat Sales Director Daniel Sheppard. “Slovak Telekom is partnering with Intelsat to deliver the best quality DTH service available in the CEE region to the broadest possible audience.”

“Satellite capacity extensions allow us to deliver a quality viewing experience and a portfolio of channels based on customer expectations,” added Lukas Koval, DTH Expert at Slovak Telekom. “There is also a chance to start analyzing 4K possibilities. The trend and attractivity of IP-based TV services are significant, however, we also see the demand for such a traditional and approved pay-TV service like satellite broadcast.”

“Since 2012, Slovak Telekom has provided reliable, sustainable and futureproof DTH service thanks to fruitful collaboration with Intelsat. The long-term cooperation proves that together we can handle complicated challenges that can occur during the standard product life cycle. Thanks to Intelsat, we can handle issues easier and deliver the expected quality and customer satisfaction,” said Marcel Satanek, Head of PM TV / Connected Home & Terminal Management at Slovak Telekom.

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