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Netflix Australia launches Netflix Pause publication

May 7, 2021

By Nik Roseveare

Netflix has launched its first publication in Australia, called Netflix Pause, which will take a deep dive into Netflix content – asking existential questions and exploring unexpected themes, all through the lens of film and TV.

In a blog post, Michael Sun, Netflix Culture Editor, explained: “Netflix Pause is an email publication, and we’re pretty chuffed to say that we’re the first Australian media brand to be publishing through Substack. Under the Netflix Pause umbrella, we’ve got three free newsletters, all sent out weekly and covering the latest in screen culture.”

“Every Tuesday, we send out Scene & Heard, where a guest writer reflects on just one scene from a recent Netflix release […] Then, on Thursdays, you’ll get Close All Tabs, an Internet roundup of the best articles, interviews, memes, and ephemera from your favourite shows and films. We’re online 24/7 so you don’t have to be.”

“Finally, each Friday, I’ll unpack a new Netflix title in Now Streaming, alongside some related viewing recommendations, and — more generally — things I can’t stop thinking about. Consider this a cheat sheet on what to watch and/or a letter from your best friend who is also the Netflix Culture Editor,” he added.



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