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AdSmart’s West joins Streamhub

May 17, 2021

Streamhub, the technology company transforming video audience analytics, has  announced that Jamie West, former Deputy MD at Sky Media, has joined as a Board member and non-executive Director.

West worked for over 10 years at Sky, spearheading the creation of Sky’s AdSmart platform, an advanced advertising service which launched in 2014. AdSmart allows marketers and agencies to target viewers by location and demographic, and has been adopted by Sky’s new owner, Comcast, and brought to its US TV operation NBCUniversal.

“Jamie shares our passion for innovation and has been pushing the envelope for advancing the TV & Video industry for decades, most recently through his work at Sky. Jamie will be using his expertise to help Streamhub focus our commercial strategy, as well as setting the bar for new product development, so that we can achieve the ambition of transforming the industry standard for video measurement in the UK and abroad,” said Aki Tsuchiya, Co-Founder and CEO of Streamhub.

“It’s a tremendously exciting time for Streamhub, having recently partnered with Kantar, the world’s leading evidence-based insights and consulting company, to incorporate data from Kantar’s video tagging technology into our enterprise analytics platform. The company has the potential to fundamentally change how we analyse video data and galvanise the leading names in television, advertising and online video content, to establish a healthy and transparent data ecosystem,” said West.

Streamhub also recently rolled out a major update to the functionality of its platform, to make it more user friendly.

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