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Airties deploys Wi-Fi EasyMesh with service providers

May 19, 2021

Airties, a supplier of managed Wi-Fi solutions to service providers globally, has announced its Smart Wi-Fi solutions now run on the latest Wi-Fi EasyMesh software and provide operator-grade capabilities and faster time to market for ISPs seeking to benefit from Wi-Fi EasyMesh for their managed home Wi-Fi deployments. Airties also disclosed that it has multiple Wi-Fi EasyMesh deployments underway with leading Internet Service Providers (ISPs) around the globe.

Wi-Fi EasyMesh, developed through Wi-Fi Alliance®, provides a standardized communication layer and data model for home networks that utilize Wi-Fi gateways and Wi-Fi extenders. With this common technology architecture in place, ISPs then need fully compatible Smart Wi-Fi software to deliver diagnostics and additional performance enhancements, such as advanced steering, channel optimization, zero-touch installation, and remote home Wi-Fi management. ISPs also need the flexibility to manage both legacy and Wi-Fi EasyMesh extenders in a unified way, since up until now only new (mostly Wi-Fi 6) extenders are available with Wi-Fi EasyMesh. Airties’ Wi-Fi EasyMesh solutions were designed to meet these needs and provide a flexible software platform to support multi-vendor deployments.

Airties’ software enabled the world’s first service provider deployment of Wi-Fi EasyMesh with Telstra in Australia. Since that time, the company has created versatile new solutions that combines the benefits of standards-based Wi-Fi EasyMesh architecture, with the added functionality and control provided by Airties Edge software and Airties Cloud. Service providers can now deploy Airties’ software to upgrade existing gateways from third-party suppliers to both manage and enhance the performance of Wi-Fi EasyMesh gateways and extenders. They can also purchase new Wi-Fi EasyMesh extenders, supporting Wi-Fi 6, from Airties.

Edgar Figueroa, President and CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance® stated, “Wi-Fi Alliance is fortunate to have members like Airties who are helping to drive the development of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh™ and enable service providers to deliver smart, efficient Wi-Fi through customers’ and outdoor spaces. Wi-Fi EasyMesh brings a standards-based approach to networks with multiple access points, and provides the foundation on which companies, such as Airties, can innovate and provide important value-added services.”

“We are actively working with several leading service providers around the globe to incorporate Wi-Fi EasyMesh into their current and future home Wi-Fi plans,” said Metin Taskin, CTO of Airties. “While each deployment is unique, more service providers are seeking the kind of interoperability that Wi-Fi EasyMesh provides, coupled with Airties’ hybrid cloud-edge software architecture to maximize the responsiveness, performance, and control of their subscribers’ home Wi-Fi experience. Notably, our new Wi-Fi EasyMesh solutions should enable dramatically faster time to market for operators by reducing the bespoke integration efforts typically needed across OEMs, chipsets, and software. It also provides the value-added capabilities that they require to deliver a managed home Wi-Fi experience for their subscribers.”

Taskin continued, “While Airties is often regarded as the pioneer in home Wi-Fi Mesh technology, we have also been advocating for basic levels of standardization for years and working actively with the Wi-Fi Alliance to make it happen. With certain core functionality now able to work consistently across chipsets and OEMs, it enables us to focus more efforts on the advanced Smart Wi-Fi and cloud management capabilities that really make a difference to our customers.”

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