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LTN Global launches LTN Schedule

May 20, 2021

LTN Global, an industry player in transformative media technology and video transport solutions, announces the launch of a new LTN Schedule self-service offering. Schedule, a cloud-based linear playout solution, enables creators to manage and monetize their content across multiple platforms with one of the most robust feature sets available for the price. With a simplified self-service purchase option, creators can now access this same advanced playout system at their convenience. These improvements to LTN Schedule customers’ buying experience are coupled with a straightforward, transparent subscription pricing model.

“LTN Schedule is exciting for our team because it is agile and affordable,” said Schedule customer EVP of Partnerships and Chief Sports Officer of CSMG Neil Malvone. “As a result, we see more opportunity for both our in-house channel and clients to optimize content to its full potential. In today’s world, this is important because at the end of the day, content is king and content is money.”

Schedule helps video content creators profit from their content. The highly reliable and easy-to-use live playout solution overcomes the latency issues that plague many playout systems and the steep pricing that prevents creators from benefiting from their own live streams.

“We are proud to offer a solution that provides unsurpassed reliability and a comprehensive suite of features, all supported by excellent customer service,” said Andreas Jacobi, General Manager of LTN Command. “Our goal of making this process simpler has been achieved, and our customers can run a full-fledged linear broadcast channel for under $300 per month, which is less than most alternatives require our customers to pay for just traffic. It opens up the opportunity for content creators to start their own linear channels with a lower barrier to entry than ever before.”

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