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Ramírez vs Taylor illegal streaming warning

May 21, 2021

By Colin Mann

In advance of the José Ramírez versus Josh Taylor Junior Welterweight boxing bout in the early hours of May 23rd, Kieron Sharp, CEO of UK intellectual property protection body FACT, has warned of the dangers of illegally streaming the fight, which will be shown live on Fite TV pay-per-view in UK.

“Despite fans now being able to watch the Ramírez versus Taylor fight in pubs, there is still the danger that supporters will turn to illegally streaming the fight this weekend if they don’t realise that there are real risks associated with using illegal streaming sites,” warns Sharp. “Not only is watching pirated fights illegal and can results in serious criminal consequences, but it also opens consumers up to fraud, identity theft, malware, and even links to criminal gangs. Simply put, piracy is not without risks and is not a victimless crime,” he adds.

“This is a warning to all fans that viewing fights through the official providers is the only way to watch your boxing legally and avoid putting yourself at risk,” he concludes.

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