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Amino enables PCCW’s Now TV

June 15, 2021

Amino Technologies, a software-led global media technology company, is working with PCCW Media, a fully integrated multimedia and entertainment company headquartered in Hong Kong, to enable its Now TV video service. Amino’s software enables both pay-TV and streaming services through an Android based user experience, including Netflix integration via Amino’s Hailstorm Partnership with Netflix.

Now TV is Hong Kong’s leading pay-TV operator with the territory’s largest subscriber base. PCCW plans to utilise Amino software to enhance its offering to deliver next generation viewing experiences, combining streaming services including Netflix within the service for the first time. The partnership utilises PCCW hardware with Amino’s software solutions.

Amino is a Hailstorm Partner of Netflix enabling immediate integration for PCCW. Hailstorm is a Netflix initiative designed to reduce the effort of integration and time-to-market for partners looking to launch Netflix services as part of their consumer offering.

Amino’s software addresses the changing behaviours and expectations of viewers globally – with traditional TV and content streaming converging to offer aggregated content in a single viewer experience. Amino enables this ‘best of both worlds’ for PCCW, allowing it to seamlessly integrate the streaming services that viewers want into their already popular pay-TV services and packages. Amino’s software will allow PCCW’s customers to easily access and connect to the TV and video they love.

Derek Choi, Head of Pay-TV, PCCW Media Limited, said: “This project keeps Now TV at the cutting-edge through unifying the service management of pay-TV and streaming, and upgrading the user experience of our subscribers. As our long-standing technology partner and a leading expert in pay-TV infrastructure, Amino is the obvious partner for this exciting development.”

Donald McGarva, Chief Executive Officer of Amino Technologies plc, said: “PCCW shares Amino’s vision of the future of TV, offering viewers the best of both worlds by combining pay-TV and streaming services. We launched our Amino 2025 strategy to capitalise on the same structural shifts in viewer expectations that PCCW has deployed us to meet. Amino’s software capabilities are uniquely positioned to enable our customers with the flexibility and agility to stay ahead of the curve. Customers chose Amino as our software, relationships and expertise provide us with an exceptionally fast time to market. Our Hailstorm Partnership with Netflix for example cuts the time to integrate Netflix from as long as 12 months to weeks.”

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