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Space Channel on VIZIO SmartCast

June 22, 2021

Space Channel, the global news and entertainment media platform dedicated to space, has announced that its new Space Channel app is available on the VIZIO SmartCast platform in the US.

Space Channel programming covers every aspect of the space genre with news, movies, exclusive events, and live coverage from every sector of the global space industry. Programmes include Space Channel News, which covers the latest stories that will shape the future of commerce, policy, and community in Low Earth Orbit and beyond; Space Channel Spotlight, a profile show focusing on the movers and shakers in the space industry; Spaced Out! With Sarah Begum, a personal journey of discovery and adventure exploring the next phase in sky and space exploration; Space Tourist, a show on how to experience space here on earth, and Gravity, an irreverent, humorous take on the latest news and less explored space topics the mainstream media refuses to cover.

Live event programming includes Space Channel Studios Live (from its global news headquarters in Brownsville, Texas), which will provide engaging and informative coverage of notable space launches, as well as the progress of SpaceX Starship, which is designed as a long-duration cargo and passenger-carrying spacecraft for the moon and Mars.

Additional event programming will include US Chamber of Commerce sessions examining how the commercial use of space offers tremendous opportunity (and risk) for the economic and national security interests of the US, as well as how the space sector is expected to grow into a trillion-dollar industry that will create new markets and opportunities to transform the economy as we know it.

Entertainment programming includes the CineSpace Movie Fest, a partnership with the Houston Cinema Arts Society that showcases award-winning films created from NASA archive footage, and Late-Night Sci-Fi, a custom-curated program featuring independent genre films specially chosen for viewing after dark.

“We are excited to join VIZIO SmartCast and look forward to providing its millions of users with unique, thought-provoking programming that expands their minds while taking them on an adventurous, fact-filled journey into the final frontier,” said Jim Tolve, Director of Communications, Space Channel.

“We’re pleased to welcome the Space Channel app to VIZIO SmartCast,” added Katherine Pond, Vice President of Business Development for VIZIO. “The Space Channel app offers programming that helps VIZIO continue to fulfill our commitment to provide entertainment for every genre and interest, giving SmartCast audiences a vast array of content options to choose from every day.”

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