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EZDRM and ModernTV partnership

June 23, 2021

ModernTV, a provider of a comprehensive IPTV/OTT solution, and EZDRM, with its innovative DRM service, have created a partnership that underscores the compatibility of their respective solutions and offers assurance to customers that their video service implementation will be reliable and secured from unauthorized viewing.

“We are pleased to formalize our good working relationship with Modern TV, which provides an exceptional end-to-end video service offering,” stated Olga Kornienko, founder and COO of EZDRM. “The integration process with our Digital Rights Management as a Service (DRMaaS) offers a simple and effective solution to securing video delivery services built with ModernTV technology.”

The customers of EZDRM can benefit from this cooperation given that ModernTV provides a complete End-to-End IPTV/OTT solution, which means that every part is developed in-house under one roof – from transcoding to end-user applications. The platform is designed with a high level of scalability and cost efficiency, which are the main pillars of platform development.

ModernTV is not only a software developer, but also one of the biggest TV service providers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia under its subsidiary SledovaniTV. Close communication with our end customers have helped the team to understand and address the exact needs and requirements of the market, as well as enrich the platform with features that are important not only to service providers, but also to end-users/subscribers.

ModernTV integrated the EZDRM security solution, so that the TV or VoD service providers see a more complete end-to-end solution without adding any complex integration steps. EZDRM provides multi-DRM technology which makes it a perfect fit for today’s streaming challenges. The management system is created to easily connect the DRM protection with the ModernTV solution in a simple, straightforward manner. The integration also supports the unique n-the-fly Encryption, which enables the final formatting and securing of the content after a specific request comes from a client device. This saves storage capacity and directly affects the HW requirements and fixed costs.

The ModernTV provides applications for the vast majority of existing devices, including Samsung and LG smartTVs. Even though this market is very fast-moving, with dozens of increasingly powerful devices being released every year, both ModernTV and EZDRM also provide support for prior generations of lower performance models. There is the ability to stream smoothly and securely at low bit rates, which is especially appreciated in areas with less developed infrastructure or within mobile networks. For example, the stream in 4k quality can be streamed at only 5 Mbit/s and Full HD content at 3 Mbit/s  The subscribers will also appreciate adaptive bitrate (ABR) technology, which automatically changes the streaming quality according to the current Internet speed and makes the watching much more comfortable.

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