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US seizes Press TV assets/websites

June 24, 2021

By Chris Forrester

US law enforcement agencies have taken control of the websites of the controversial Iran-financed Press TV and Al-Alam.

Each website now displays a single page showing a statement declaring that it “has been seized by the United States government in accordance with a seizure warrant”. The image also displays the seal of the FBI and the US Department of Commerce.

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), in a statement on June 23rd, said that other websites were also seized.

Al Jazeera in a statement said that the US had taken control of about three dozen websites “used for US disinformation”.

Press TV first went on air in 2007 and in its UK version has hosted controversial speakers and presenters

Iran’s foreign ministry on June 23rd called the seizure an example of a “systematic effort to distort freedom of speech on a global level and silence independent voices in media”.

The Press TV website reappeared on June 23rd, but hosted on Iranian domains.

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