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Iron Mountain unleashes full potential of content with Smart Vault

June 25, 2021

Iron Mountain Entertainment Services (IMES) has announced the launch of Smart Vault, a new Media Asset Management solution for IMES’ market-leading storage services that provides broadcasters, production companies, brands, sports rights holders, and any media organisations involved in the production of content with a powerful one-stop solution for content management, storage, and archive.

Smart Vault enables content owners to use the latest cloud-native technology to enable ease of access to their content — whenever and wherever they want it, providing swift visibility and easy access to large volumes of media with an inbuilt video player.

As well as streamlining and bringing multiple efficiencies to the elongated processes used in managing media assets, powerful AI/ML capabilities enable users to enrich the media stored in the platform, providing valuable monetization opportunities for existing and future archive content. Additional functionality allows users to share media, contribute to the platform, and create custom workflows for media production and distribution, increasing agility through the chain.

Highlights of the Smart Vault feature set include:

  • Media Management: Manage digital media assets through collections and tags. Control who can upload media, download media, or edit metadata with flexible user management 
  • Share: Quickly share digital media with clients, ask for feedback while keeping in control. Enable external download and upload via simpleshare links
  • Review: Get feedback and approvals from customers with time-stamped comments and threaded replies
  • Logging: Intuitive, efficient media organisation and metadata entry. Annotate media files with notes for editors or directors to consult during post
  • Automated Transcription: Audio transcription using speech-to-text technology. Search, verify and edit transcripts 
  • Assisted Captioning: Create frame-accurate captions at broadcast quality in original and foreign languages using speech-to-text technology and intelligent spotting 
  • Rough Cut Assembly: Build a rough-cut assembly and send to Avid Media Composer or Adobe Premiere Pro as a sequence for immediate editing. 
  • Clip & Metadata Export: Export any selection of clips to the preferred edit suite as an enriched sequence for immediate editing. Export transcript or metadata to multiple document formats.

We strongly believe that when it comes to your media assets secure and reliable preservation matters, swift and flexible access matters, and the ability to enhance monetization matters,” says Heidi Shakespeare, Director and General Manager of Iron Mountain Entertainment Services Europe. “IMES’ Smart Vault enables us to ensure that your content is not only stored in a highly secure manner but offers everything content owners need under one roof, allowing you to use cloud-native technology to centralise and organise your assets for distribution and monetisation.” 

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