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Eutelsat’s Quantum satellite preps for launch

July 1, 2021

By Chris Forrester

Eutelsat’s sophisticated Quantum satellite, built by Airbus at Toulouse, is on its way to French Guiana for final integration ahead of a planned launch later in July from Kourou.

Eutelsat’s Quantum satellite is a revolutionary step forward for commercial satellites, offering very high customisation and flexibility. It will supply services with unprecedented in-orbit reconfigurability in coverage, frequency and power, allowing complete mission rehaul, at any orbital position.

Using a software-based design, Eutelsat’s Quantum will be the first universal satellite to repeatedly adjust to business requirements. It will be located at 48° East, and will offer extensive coverage of the MENA Region and beyond allowing it to cover any area requested by the customer anytime during its life in orbit.

François Gaullier, Head of Telecom Systems at Airbus, said: “The technology we have developed and built for Eutelsat Quantum is truly game changing – paving the way to fully reconfigurable geo telecommunications satellites. Our experience in pioneering this revolutionary technology demonstrates the value of partnerships – bringing together the best from Eutelsat, ESA and Airbus to achieve a new standard in flexible connectivity.”

The new satellite will provide communications on the move with dynamic beam shaping and vessel-tracking capabilities, optimised for power and throughput as required by maritime, aeronautical and land-based transportation. It will also enable bespoke design of wide-area data networks and dynamic traffic shaping, responding to demand where and when needed. In addition it will provide Government users with rapid response for public protection and disaster recovery as well as secure control using the latest encryption technology.

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