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FTTH Council Europe revamps

July 1, 2021

The FTTH Council Europe has unveiled a new logo and website. The Council says the revamped visual identity is designed to better represent the FTTH Council Europe’s mission to advance full fibre-based connectivity to the whole of Europe.

“Our previous logo proudly served the FTTH Council Europe for nearly 17 years. However, the telecoms sector evolves at a rapid pace, and so does our association. We recognised that the former visual identity of the FTTH Council Europe has been lagging behind the footprint the Council has had on the European fibre industry and telecommunications sector. Our new logo represents three key strands of the FTTH Council Europe’s expertise – technology, policy and finance – and it conveys our vision that fibre is the most future-proof and sustainable infrastructure that enables an unparalleled fixed and wireless experience, empowering a leading Digital Society in Europe,” said Eric Festraets, President of the FTTH Council Europe.

The FTTH Council Europe has also introduced an updated corporate website in order to establish a one-stop-shop digital platform for the entire European FTTH ecosystem that will facilitate an exchange of expertise and thought leadership between vendors, innovators, operators, investors, policymakers and other stakeholders within the telecommunications sector.

Moreover, the Council says the website will also ensure easy access to the vast library of knowledge produced by the FTTH Council Europe and its members over the years, as well as provide an in-depth look at the FTTH Council Europe’s work, achievements, upcoming events, and ongoing projects.

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