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Spain probes DTT interference from Morocco

July 5, 2021

From David Del Valle in Madrid

Spain is suffering DTT signal interference in the south of the country courtesy of Moroccan DTT networks.

High temperatures along with powerful TV repeating stations located in the mountains are causing interferences that are preventing viewers from watching TV channels including Antena 3 TV, La Sexta, Neox and Nova in the province of Cádiz.

The fading effect in coastal zones and also 4G interferences have also caused problems in the past in the same region, as well as in the north and west of Spain from Morocco, France and Portugal, respectively.

In the north, the Asturias Administration has proposed increasing signal strengths, change the polarity and even use streaming broadcasts for services such as TDT Channels. Now, in the south, local authorities are suggesting streaming and IPTV transmissions to solve the problem, at least as a temporary fix.

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