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Spain: FTTH in over 12m homes

July 9, 2021

From David Del Valle in Madrid

The latest CNMC report corresponding to May reveals that FTTH has surpassed 12 million Spanish homes – a rise of 85,786 households in the last month and 1.4 million annually. By contrast, HFC lost 20,249 lines and ADSL decreased by 52,562.

Movistar is the market leader with a 40 per cent share and 4.7 million lines.

Overall, fixed broadband lines amounted to 15.9 million, up almost 13,000 lines in May and 3.6 per cent in a year.

Meanwhile, Telefónica, Orange and Vodafone will take part in the 5G auction, with opening bids due on July 21st.

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